Should I use one workspace for my projects, or a workspace for each project?

This has always been one of the most popular questions in the Podio Help Center. The answer, to put it bluntly, is “it depends.” The deciding factors are based on your business and the relationships you have with your clients. Are your projects often one-offs, or do you have longer, ongoing relationships with clients? How large are your projects – are they finished in a couple of weeks, or do they continue for months or even years? How many clients do you have?

The way you structure your workspaces is ultimately your decision, and there is no wrong answer. However, there are pros and cons to each setup. We'll outline two potential situations, with suggested solutions.

Situation 1: Short-term Projects

You run relatively quick projects – for example, content marketing assignments or web-design work. Using a single workspace for all projects along with the item share feature is likely to be most efficient for your team.

Here’s one way your team can organize your projects, including the relationships and item shares that link everything neatly together, with the optimal way to get feedback from clients:

Situation 2: A More Long-Term Relationship

Your projects tend to be more complex and involve several moving pieces. Some examples might be consulting work or relationships that are strategic as well as production based. Creating a different workspace for each client is advisable in this case.

Here’s a look at how you can run projects in separate client workspace and tie them together to get the overview you need:


Keep in mind these are only generic guidelines, and you'll likely want to customize your Podio setup to a much greater extent. Podio gives you the power to decide how your work is structured, so you can choose the best structure for you and your team. 

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