App settings

You can adjust the settings in your app to fine-tune the way others can interact with it. To get to the app settings, click the wrench icon in the upper right when viewing your app, then click "App settings".

From here you will see various options you can set for your app.

General Settings

You can adjust the following from the General tab:

  • App Name
  • Item Name: The name of each individual item in your app (e.g. "Deliverable" or "Project")
  • App Icon: Use the search tool to find an icon that fits your app
  • Default App View: The layout that all users will see when they first visit your app (they can adjust this to their preference later if needed)
  • App Description: This will appear on the right side of the page when viewing your app
  • Instructions for creating an item: This will appear on the right side when adding an item to the app

Advanced Settings

Click the Advanced tab on the left to get to the advanced settings.

  • Do not post new items to stream: A new post will not be created in the activity stream when an item is added to the app
  • Do not post item edits to stream: Editing an item will not create a new post in the activity stream. Note that adding comments and tasks to the item will still create a new post, and the recent activity for the item will also be shown in the post, including any recent item edits
  • Disable notifications for items created / edited / deleted for users that follow this app: Anyone following the app or items within the app will not receive notifications related to the app
  • Don't let members add items to this app: Only admins may create items in the app - regular and light members cannot add items
  • Don't let members edit items in this app: Only admins may edit items in the app - regular and light members cannot edit items
  • Disable comments: Comments are completely disabled in the app
  • Show unique ID

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