Quick Start: Guide to CRM and Sales

An agile and lightweight CRM can easily be built with Podio. Whether you’re managing customer and partner relationships, or tracking opportunities and your sales funnel, you can quickly customize Podio apps to facilitate those processes.

If you haven't created your Podio account already, you can sign up here.

After you’ve watched the video, get your hands dirty and modify the app templates to fit your team's processes.

Don’t forget to create useful filters and reports once you’ve put your sales data into the apps.

A few pro-tips:

  • We recommend adding a Contact app to your CRM workspace as a database for your contacts (leads, clients, etc.).
  • Use the Excel import tool to bring in historical CRM data into your Podio apps.
  • Podio has an open API, and many useful extensions have already been built. This will allow you to easily push and pull data between Podio and other tools you may be using in your sales process. Take a look at our extensions page to see which extensions may be of interest to you and your team.
  • The Email and Phone fields can help maximize your team's efficiency, by allowing your to call or email any contact with just one click. 
  • Looking for a full contact sync solution? PieSync is a third party extension you can use to sync contacts from multiple services like Google, Salesforce and many more!  
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