Can I send email to/from Podio?

Sending emails into Podio

There are a few different options to get your emails into Podio. Check out these articles to learn about each one:

Sending emails from Podio

Premium organizations get access to GlobiFlow, which makes it possible to send emails from within Podio.  

For Free, Basic and Plus users, you can send emails to a contact using your external email client. We recommend using an Email field in your app for the most seamless experience. 

Looking to track your emails in Podio?

If you tend to work with the same few people, then we recommend using the email to item tool. You can CC the item in your email, then the conversation will be attached to that item in Podio. 

If you work with many different people, then instead we recommend copy and pasting the entire correspondence into a comment in the customer's item in our app. This gives you a chronological list of all communication between your team and the email recipient(s).

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