Using Notifications and Activity Stream

This is a more personal example of how I use the Podio Notifications together with the Activity Stream. 

In the Notifications, all the notifications on items, statuses, tasks and more that I'm directly involved in will be pushed to me. 

So when I start to work in the morning (often from home since I commute from Sweden to Denmark) I check the Notifications if there's something I need to react to right away.

My colleagues in the US are always working hard while I sleep (I'm located in Copenhagen, Denmark) so there's often things that I need to comment on or start to work on. 

When I'm done with the notifications and the messages I always click the Podio logo in the top left corner to go to the Activity Stream. 

There I find all the updates that I'm not following and therefore they don't show in my Notifications. This is where the beautiful word serendipity enters my working day.

In the Activity Stream I see all the updates and then I react to the ones where I have something to add. It could be something totally unrelated to my daily work that my colleagues are discussing, but I have read an article or talked to someone about this recently. 

So I'm adding my little piece of knowledge to something that I wouldn't otherwise see since I'm not directly involved. 

That's the beauty of combining the Notifications and the Messages with the Activity Stream for me. Please add your comments below if you have other stories! 

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