Inviting and adding members

There are several ways to invite and add members to work with you in Podio.

You can click the "+Invite" button at the top of any workspace activity stream. From here you can pick from your existing contacts from services like Google or type in an email address of anyone you want to add to the workspace. 


You can select people to add to workspaces from your global Contacts list (in the blue bar at the top of Podio) by finding them in the list, clicking "Actions," and then "Add" in the dropdown. You then choose which workspace to add them to. 

Please note: The free version of Podio is limited to 5 employees and 5 external members across all of your workspaces (not 5 per workspace). So, if you already have 5 employees or external members in your workspaces, you can either to remove members to make room for more, or you can upgrade to our Premium service.

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