Create an App Pack

If you have a bundle of apps that you would like to share in the App Market, you can share them as an App Pack. To do this, click on the wrench icon above the workspace activity stream, then select "Share in App Market". Note that you must be an admin in the workspace in order to have this option.

From there, click the green button that says "Share privately to [Company Name]". You can then select the apps you wish to include in the pack, select any special features, and fill out the name and description for your pack. 

Once you've saved your app pack, it will become available for other Podio members to install into their own workspaces. 


Is it possible to share a pack with content?

No, it is only possible to share the structure of your apps.

How do I modify the app pack after I've shared it?

When logged in to Podio, click the profile icon in the top blue bar, then select "My shared apps". You can modify or remove your shared apps from here. Be sure to re-publish the app pack to finalize the changes. Note that this is also modifying the original app that you shared, not just the shared version. 

Can you add more apps to an existing app pack?

Yes, in order to update your app pack to add more apps, you can add the app to your workspace and then re-publish the pack. For publicly shared apps, no approval is necessary for this. 

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