Share apps to the App Market

Sharing your apps lets other members in your organization get your apps and use them for their own work. 

To share your app, click the wrench icon in the upper right when viewing the app, then click "Share app". 

Need to share more than one app? You can also create a pack of apps and share a pack.

Managing your shared apps

You can manage your shared apps by clicking the profile icon in the top blue bar, and going to "My shared apps". From here you can modify or un-share your apps.


Note: Remember that the app is only shared in App Market, not saved. If you delete the app from your Podio workspace (from the place they were originally shared from) they will also be removed from the App Market. Likewise if you leave or delete a workspace from where you shared app, the app will also be removed from the App Market.


Can I share apps with people from other organizations?

If you'd like to share apps with someone from another organization, then you or the person adding the apps will need to be a member in both organizations. 

Can I make my shared apps visible to specific workspaces within my organization?

No, your shared apps will be accessible by every employee in your organization.

Here is a video showing how to share apps:

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