Cloning an app

If you'd like to make a copy of an app, clone it! You can clone an app in the same workspace, a different workspace, and even to a workspace in a different organization.

You'll reach the clone app feature from the wrench icon in the upper left when viewing your app. 

When you select the option to clone your app, a window will pop up asking you to select the space where you'd like to add the cloned app.

From this window you will also see the option to clone your app with its content. Use this if you want to move the entire app over, and not just the structure.


Important things to note: 

  • The cloned app is completely separate from the original - any changes made to either app will not be reflected in the other.
  • When cloning an app with content, the comments cannot be transferred over to the new app.
  • The items in the new app will show the creation date as the time when the app was cloned.
  • We highly recommend backing up the original app using our Excel export tool before you delete it. That way, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can easily restore any missing information. 
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