Assigning tasks to others

You can assign a task to anyone, even if they do not have a Podio account yet. In the Assignee field, simply type in an email address or pick from any of your contacts, and we'll send them an email with a link to the task on Podio. If they don't already have a Podio account, they just need to pick a password and they're in.

If you create the task on an item, we'll automatically share the item as well so they have access to information they might need to complete the task. If you don't want this, just remove the reference on the task creation screen.


Remember to write a small description to make sure the assignee understands the task and what you expect.

Pro tip: You can also assign a task to an entire workspace. Just start typing the name of the workspace into the contact field, and you'll see the workspace appear in the drop down menu. Note that doing this will duplicate the task for each workspace member - it will not assign the same single task to each person.

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