Exporting your Podio Calendar to Microsoft Exchange

To get started:

In the top navigation of Podio, click the calendar icon, then click "Use External Calendar" on the right hand side.

Connecting to Microsoft Exchange

You will need to enter some credentials to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server.

Best case scenario

Just enter your email and password.

If the Exchange server is configured to use the Autodiscovery Service and your email is discovered successfully, you will not need to enter any more information.

General case scenario

If autodiscovery is disabled or fails, you will need to provide a few more details:

  • Username: This is usually (but not necessarily) the part before the "@" in your email. For example if your email address is john.doe@domain.com, the username is usually john.doe.
  • Windows domain: This is the Windows (NetBIOS) Domain Name. If you use DOMAIN\username format when signing into various Microsoft applications, the domain is the part before the backslash. Leave it blank if there is no Windows domain.
  • Mail server: The host name of your Exchange server, e.g. mail.domain.com (without https:// at the beginning).

Please contact your system administrator if you are not sure what these values should be.

Access Denied Error

When connecting to Microsoft Exchange, if you get the error, Access Denied many times, the system blocks you from logging in again. Please wait 30 minutes before the account is unblocked so that you can try to login again.

You can also contact us in a support ticket and we will assist.

Exporting to Exchange calendar via a hosted Exchange service

In order for Podio calendar export to work, your hosted Exchange service must support Exchange web services (EWS). You can contact your service provider to find out if this is supported.

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