Updating and editing your profile

Having a completed Podio profile really helps you and your colleagues "see" who you're working together with. 

So look to the profile icon in the top blue bar, and select "My profile".

From here you can add a profile picture, some skills and your profiles on various social networks. 

If your image exceeds the maximum dimensions (800x800), or the maximum size (2048 KB), a notification appears. Try minimizing the image file in a photo editor and repeat the procedure. If you use Gravatar with the same email address you use for Podio it will automatically add your Gravatar picture.

Add your phone number to your profile to create a company-wide phone book which is always updated. 

The emails you add to your profile do not have to be the same as the ones you add to your account. If you would like to have your profile information updated or removed from Podio, this can be done from this page as well. 

Remember to click save when you're done :) 

Public Profile Information

Profile information can be seen by all of your connections in Podio. This means all of your colleagues, external members that you collaborate with, and members inside of community workspaces that you’re apart of will all have the ability to view your Podio Profile information. You can edit and remove any unwanted profile information at anytime by editing your profile information.

Shared Profile Information:
-Profile Picture

Important note: Please be aware that updating the profile information (what others can see) is different from updating your account information (your private login information).

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