ShareFile and Podio

ShareFile is an enterprise-ready, easy to use file sharing service. 

Here is a video to help explain:

How to link your files from ShareFile to Podio

Click to add files anywhere in Podio. This can be done via the paperclip icon next to the status bar, the "Add files" button in the bottom of the apps or the "Attach files" button on tasks. 

Then you'll get to the file dialogue. 


Here, click to connect file services. Then click the ShareFile logo. Login with your ShareFile account. 


Now you can search through or browse your ShareFile files and attach them to items, tasks, statuses and messages in Podio. 

You can view and edit your ShareFile documents in your browser without downloading the file. Simply hover over the file name, then click "Edit" to open the file in your browser. 


Please note: You will need an Office365 account in order to access this edit option. Your ShareFile account admin will also need to enable online editing in order for this to be possible. See this article from the ShareFile support site for help enabling this option. 


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