GoToMeeting and Podio

GoToMeeting is a great tool for video conferencing and hosting online meetings. You can learn more here.

Integrating GoToMeeting with Podio gives you a place where you first discuss and collaborate around the meeting agenda within Podio. Then you hold the meeting in real time with GoToMeeting (started or joined directly from within Podio). After the meeting is done you can add your comments, the meeting minutes and continue working on Podio again. 

Getting GoToMeeting

Go to and sign up for a trial or buy the product right away. 

Adding your GoToMeeting account to Podio

You can add your GoToMeeting account to Podio with these steps:

  • Click on the profile icon in the top blue bar
  • Select "Account settings"
  • Go to the Services tab at the top
  • Find GoToMeeting in the "Services to connect" section, and click the green "Connect" button (see screenshot)
  • Enter in your GoToMeeting account credentials, and you're done!


How to use Podio Apps with GoToMeeting

  1. Create a new app in the workspace where you'll be scheduling your meetings
  2. When creating the app, set the App Type to "Event", at the bottom of the window


  3. Save your app. Next time you’re creating a meeting in the app you’ll see the new features and you’ll have the option to connect to your GoToMeeting account.

Need some 'appspiration'? If you don't want to build your own, here are three meeting apps that will for sure help to make your meetings more productive. Read more on our blog.

Scheduling events with GoToMeeting

Now you're ready to schedule GoToMeetings within Podio! Follow these steps to set up your meeting:

  1. Add a new meeting to your Event app, and click Save
  2. View the meeting, and hover your mouse over the date 
  3. Click on the wrench icon that appears on the right side, then select your GoToMeeting account

A new meeting will be scheduled in your GoToMeeting account, and you and your colleagues will see the option to join the meeting straight from the item in Podio. 

Support for GoToMeeting

The GoToMeeting support team is ready to help you with your GoToMeeting needs!

Start at the self help support centre:

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