Workspace/App selector

In the top left corner of Podio, you’ll see the “Choose a workspace” field. Click here and you'll find a list of your workspaces.

Pro tip: Hit “G” on your keyboard and the workspace menu will open. Start typing the name of your desired workspace and press Enter when it appears below to go to the workspace.


If you'd like to go straight to a specific app instead of going to the workspace first, start typing the name of the app to see the options adjust based on what you've typed. You can then use the "+" button next to any app to create an item in that app.

Pro tip: When you've typed the name of the app where you'd like to add a new item, hit Shift + Enter on your keyboard to go straight to the item creator for that app.

Extra Tips:

How do I leave a workspace? 

If you will like to leave a workspace you are no longer using, click to view the workspace, then click the wrench icon above the workspace activity stream. You will find the "Leave Workspace" option there. 

How do I access the Workspace Settings?

You can also click on the wrench that appears above the workspace activity stream to access the Workspace Settings. You need to be workspace admin to access the settings. 

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