Changing or adding a domain

On Podio, there are a lot of benefits to having a domain set to your organization. 

The domain(s) set to your organization determines who is an employee in your organization. People joining Podio with an email address in the same domain will be added to the same Employee Network so that they can keep in touch within the company (and perhaps get out of those inefficient and seemingly endless internal email threads). 

You will only pay for your internal employees in a Paid organization, so it's important to have a domain to determine who you pay for and who is a free external member of your workspaces. If you don't have a domain attached, then you will pay for both employees and external members, since we cannot distinguish employees from external members in this case. External members can be clients or collaboration partners outside your company.

Oh, you signed up with your Gmail/Hotmail/other webmail address? 

1. No worries, just add your company email address to your existing account on Podio.

When you first add your company email address, a new organization will be created with the company email domain name - this will be visible in your left navigation.

2. The next step is to contact us and request that we move the domain over to your original organization - click "Contact support" at the top of this page to get in touch with us.


Get more out of Podio with an paid plan and get unlimited external users.

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