Structuring workspaces

When you have more than 10 workspaces in your organization, Podio will show only the most active workspaces in your first list of workspaces.

At Podio we have many many workspaces, and we want to archive and save information for all of them. This is why we made this "show most used" function. To view the full list of workspaces, click "More workspaces" at the bottom of the list.

You can tell people that they are free to leave the workspace if it's no longer used, then you can stay in the workspace yourself to keep it visible.

Individual apps in your workspaces can be archived using our app archive tool.

Workspaces can be archived using the space archive tool in "Manage workspaces".

You can get to your workspace list by hitting "G" on your keyboard. Go here to learn more about the workspace selector.

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