Workspace settings

You need to be a workspace administrator to access the workspace settings page. If you're an admin and would like to access the workspace settings, click the wrench icon that will appear when hovering over the workspace name in the left navigation, and then click "Workspace settings".


Name and URL

From this page, you'll see you can change the name of the workspace in the first field on the page. 

You can also change the URL of the workspace by clicking "Change URL". Note that if you decide to change the URL, the URLs to all of your apps and items will change, so any links you may have saved in that workspace will no longer work.

Stream settings

Check the first box if you would like an action message in the stream when a new member joins the workspace.

Check the second box if a new message should be added to the stream when someone adds a new app to the workspace, edit an app, or delete an app. This feature is really helpful if you like to keep the workspace activity stream clean. 

Access settings

In this section you can choose the workspace permissions. If you'd like to allow any employee to join the workspace, set it to Open. If you'd also like new employees to be auto-joined, select that box. This could be great if you have an intranet workspace set up and you'd like all new employees to join that space automatically. 

If you want your invite to be accessible by invite only, select the Private option instead.

Don't forget to click the green Save button when you're done making your changes.

Delete a workspace

If you click the red "Delete" button, you will be asked if you're really sure about deleting this workspace. You'll be prompted to type "delete this space" into a box to confirm that you really want to delete the workspace. You can't un-delete a workspace, so make sure this is what you really want to do.

Archive a workspace

Workspaces can be archived from the Manage Workspace page. 

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