Moving workspaces, and moving apps between workspaces

If you want to move a workspace in Podio, the best way is to simply to clone the apps individually to a new workspace. 

To clone an app, click the wrench icon in the upper right when viewing the app, then "Clone app".  When you select the option to clone your app, a window will pop up asking you to select the space where you'd like to add the cloned app.  From this window you will also see the option to clone your app with its content. Use this if you want to move the entire app over, and not just the structure. 

You can also move apps by publishing it your private app market (this method is a bit more time consuming):

  • Create a new workspace in the organization where you wish to move the original workspace.
  • Go to the App Market and click your organization's private area in the top left of the page. Install the apps that you shared from the original workspace to the new workspace. They will be grouped together as a pack that you can install in one go.

Remember that the app is only shared in the App Market - it is not a separate copy. If you delete the apps from your Podio workspace (from the place they were originally shared from) they will also be removed from the App Market. Likewise if you leave or delete a workspace from where you shared apps, the apps will also be removed from the App Market.

Note: Not all content can be transferred using the clone app tool, or the Excel export and import tools. It is not possible to transfer comments on app items, tasks, files (including images), and things shared in the workspace's activity stream when moving a workspace from one organization to another.

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