The search option is found in the top blue bar (see screenshot below).

Search in Podio is contextual based on what you are viewing when performing the search. We will first show you a preview of our search results, then you can hit Enter to see all available results. Press "S" on your keyboard to start a search without having the click the search icon. 

You can search within:

  • Items: title, text and number field values, comments, tags
  • Tasks: title, description, comments. Private tasks are searchable only by the creator and the (currently) responsible.
  • Statuses: body, comments
  • Files: name
  • Conversations: title, messages. Searchable only by the participants.
  • User Profiles: name, title, skill, about, location, mail, phone, Skype

If you search within an App and don't find what you're looking for, simply click "Search all workspaces" and get results from all your workspaces. 


How are search results ordered?

The following is a list of factors that contribute to how your search results are ordered:

    • If what you search for matches as a phrase. This means that if the words you search for appear close together in the content, then it will appear higher on the results page.
    • If you are following the content in question. This means that if you created an item, edited it, commented on it, etc., then it will appear higher in the list.
    • How often the word occurs in the content compared to how often it normally occurs. This means that matches against very common words will be less important than matches against very rare words.
    • If the search terms are matching the title or not. This means that if your search terms match the title of the content, the content will appear higher than if it just matched a comment for example.
    • When the content was last changed. This means that content that has been recently created or interacted with will appear higher on the list.
    • If the content is from one of your top workspaces. Your top workspaces are the workspace you interact with the most. This is also a good indication that you are more likely to search from documents from those workspaces, so we give them a small boost.
    • All of the above are positive influencers in that they will move documents higher up the list. Often however you also want to move content you are least likely to want to find, down the list. If you have hidden the workspace or app from your home screen activity stream, this will be taken as an indication that the content is not as interesting to you.
    • If you are responsible for a task. This means that your tasks will appear higher up than tasks for your colleagues.

For more details on searching in Podio, you can find the exact documentation here.

Pro tip: Press "S" on your keyboard to start a search without having the click the search icon. 

Pro tip II: Search for workspaces & apps

Press "G" or click on the workspace selector in the top left corner of your blue menu bar. Now just start typing the name of an app or workspace. We will now show you both - results for apps and workspaces - in this search. And by pressing the '+' next to an app icon, you can quickly create an item in this app.   

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