Activity Streams

Activity Streams are a great way to get an overview of what is going on in your workspaces without having to do any digging. There are two activity streams in Podio - the Home Activity Steam and Workspace Activity Streams. 

The Home Activity Stream

The Home Activity Stream is a great starting point when using Podio. You get to the Home Activity Stream by clicking the Podio logo in the top left corner or by clicking the house icon in the top blue bar. 

Here you will find all updates from all the different workspaces that you're a member of. You can comment, like or create a task directly from the Activity Stream. 

Hiding updates from the Home Activity Stream

You can hide certain workspaces or apps from the Home Activity Stream. Mouse over the update and you will see an "x" icon appear in the right corner of the update - click on it to hide updates from either the workspace or the app.

You can see what posts you have hidden via the "Hidden posts" link. See the screenshot below.


Please also see the article about using the Notifications and the Activity Stream together.

Workspace Activity Streams

Each workspace has its own activity stream, allowing you to easily see the most recent activity in that workspace. The workspace activity stream is the first thing you see when clicking on the workspace from the workspace selector. You can also get there by clicking "Activity" to the left of the list of apps at the top of your workspace.

By default, the workspace activity stream will create a new post for any type of activity in the workspace. If you want to prevent certain types of notifications, there are settings in both the workspace settings and in each app's app builder that you can use to control what type of activity is posted. 

In the workspace settings, you can turn off posts for members joining or leaving your workspace, and you can also turn off posts for changes to your apps in that workspace.

In the app settings, you can turn of posts for items added to that app, as well as edits made to those items:

We recommend configuring these settings for each workspace to match the type of updates you would most like to see from the activity stream. This way you'll only see the most important information in your activity stream. 

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