Managing your Podio organization through ShareFile

As of April 2017 we are offering the option to manage your Podio organization through ShareFile, Citrix's secure file sharing solution.

ShareFile-managed organizations look very much the same as any other Podio organization, with a few key differences:

  • In a ShareFile-managed organization, users are added and removed from your Podio account via your ShareFile account instead of directly through Podio. This gives you the option to use ShareFile's Single Sign-On as well as Two-Step Verification
  • To log in to a ShareFile-managed organization, visit the login page here. If you don't already have a Podio account, you can also create a new organization from this page using your ShareFile credentials.
  • Users can update their time zone and language preference from their Podio account settings page, but the settings for account email address and password are managed from ShareFile.

Your Podio account will automatically be integrated with your ShareFile account, meaning all of your files in ShareFile are easily accessible to be added to your work in Podio.

Inviting users to your Podio account

To invite others to join your Podio workspaces, you must first add them as employees or client users in your ShareFile account. Once you've done that, you can invite them to any of your Podio workspaces, or to your organization's Employee Network.

Note that client users in ShareFile can only be added as Light members to your workspaces. ShareFile clients will have less permissions in Podio by default.

We've created a short video that outlines this new organization type here:


Note: Existing Podio organizations cannot be converted to ShareFile-managed organizations. If you have an existing organization and would like to migrate to a ShareFile-managed organization, you can hire a Podio partner to assist you. 

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